Mike DeVries

Special guest

Golf architect Mike DeVries is a craftsman who is personally involved with all aspects of a golf course's development, including feature shaping of the putting greens and bunkers.

By being on-site consistently throughout the construction process, DeVries also enables himself to continually study the land, reacting to newly revealed opportunities and improving upon his original design concepts. This evolutionary process inevitably results in a unique golf course of enduring quality.

A 1987 graduate of Lake Forest College in suburban Chicago (Business Administration), DeVries apprenticed with golf architect Tom Doak before going on to the University of Michigan where he earned his Master's degree in Landscape Architecture in 1994. Following a stint as an on-site design coordinator with golf architect Tom Fazio, DeVries has designed and constructed six new golf courses, as well as consulted with numerous established clubs about course renovations.

DeVries’ grandfather introduced Mike to golf at Crystal Downs Country Club in Frankfort, Michigan, where he developed a deep respect and admiration for the work of legendary golf architects Dr. Alister MacKenzie and Perry Maxwell. DeVries continues to study the works and writings of all the master golf architects of yesteryear in an effort to apply those design principles to his own work.

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